Which Web Browser Should I Use?


Great question! Almost all browsers will work with our system. For the most seamless interaction, however, we highly recommend utilizing an up-to-date version of Google ChromeIf you cannot use Chrome, we recommend you use Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.


unnamed.png Download Chrome

firefox-256.e2c1fc556816.jpg Download Firefox

     yosemite-safai_icon.png  Information on Safari


Microsoft Edge is also supported, whereas Internet Explorer is currently unsupported.


If you experience browser-related issues, please ensure you are using the most up-to-date version of your browser. Also try using another browser.

If you continue to experience problems after successfully updating your browser, please contact us at support@guidebook.com. Let us know the name and version number of the web browser you are using, as well as a description of the issue experienced.

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