Live Polling: Ask the Audience!


Use Live Polls to have session attendees respond to questions in real-time from their mobile devices.

Please keep in mind that a Poll Administrator must run the poll via Builder on a computer. This can be the session presenter, a moderator, or some other supporting colleague with whom you collaborate.

In this article, we will cover:

If you are looking for a static form to gather feedback from your users, click here.  

Watch this video and/or follow the written instructions below.

How to Create a Live Poll

In Builder, open the guide you're working on. In the guide dashboard, click on the "Polls & Surveys" box. 

Click "Create new..." in the top-right corner, and then select "Live Poll". 


Give the poll a name, and then select the session to which you will link this Poll. 

  • Each Live Poll must be linked to a Schedule Session. 

If you would like to add colleagues to help administer the poll, click "Add admin" and provide the email address(es).

Reminder: Be sure to click "Publish Updates" on your guide in Builder so your changes are saved & visible to users in the app! 


How to Add/Edit Poll Questions

Click "Edit poll" to open the Poll Administrator portal. Click "Add New" to add a poll question.


Poll questions are Multiple Choice, with up to 10 response choices.

Click and drag to reorder your poll questions. You can edit or delete poll questions you have created.

  • Note: As soon as an audience member votes for a poll question, the Delete button will be replaced with a Reset button. In order to delete a question that has answers recorded, please first reset the question to remove all responses. You will then be able to delete the question. 


How to Run a Live Poll

After adding at least one question to your poll, the option to "Start Presenting" will become available. 

When the Poll Administrator clicks "Start Presenting" the first question of the poll will become visible in the Poll Admin portal view and to the audience members on their devices.

Click "Allow Voting" to allow your users to participate in the poll.


Click "Disable Voting" when you are ready to move on. 

  • If you have another poll question, use the arrow buttons to proceed to the next question. The question will appear on users' devices when you click the arrow button.
  • Repeat the process: Allow Voting, then Disable Voting. Continue to proceed to the next question and so on. 

Click "Stop Presenting" to conclude the Poll.


The End-User Experience

How to Participate

Your Live Poll participants will be able to vote from their mobile devices. If you have attendees without a supported device, be sure to share the Attendee Voting link from "Other Pages" so they can participate via web browser.


Before the Poll Administrator clicks "Start Presenting", the Live Poll link will still be visible in the schedule session. However, it will open to a screen that says "Poll Inactive". When the Poll Administrator starts the poll, the first question will appear.


The question and response choices will be visible for the user to read.

When the Poll Administrator allows voting for this question, the user can then make a selection. 

When the user confirms a choice, that choice is locked in. The user may not change their choice after confirming their selection.

The Poll Administrator will repeat this process (show next question, open voting, close voting) for each question in the Poll until the Poll is concluded.


Viewing Responses

The result of the Poll will not appear on users' devices. However, you can use the Presentation link from "Other Pages" to show the results as they come in on a separate screen. 



Additional Notes

  1. Please ensure that the venue has a fast and reliable internet connection so that the presenter can control the poll and the attendees can vote. This article provides some pointers in making sure your event has a great wifi experience.

  2. If you would like to embed the Presentation Webpage in your presentation or otherwise click to view, please make sure to access the Poll from within Builder. Click on "edit your poll" and then get to that Presentation link via Builder. If you just copy & paste the URL and directly jump to that page, it may not load properly! 

  3. The presenter can download the poll data by clicking on the “Download Poll” button on the right-hand side of your Poll Edit Page. This will generate a downloadable .XLS file of the poll results.


Want to see how you can use it to engage attendees at your event? Check out Guidebook's guide to Mobile Live Polling (with 4 indispensable tips on using it at your next event).

If you have other questions, please reach out to us at". We are always happy to help!

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