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While there are a million ways to build a guide, we can all agree that adoption -- getting users to download your guide -- is vital to proving solid return of investment.  For this reason, promoting your guide to your users, and making the download process simple, are top priorities.  Regardless of your plan level, Guidebook provides several QR codes you can use to promote your guide and drive high adoption numbers.  

Note: If you are on the branded plan, you will definitely want to read our best practices section -- you will use some different QR Codes to promote your app and guide.


Table of Contents

1. The Guide Preview QR Code

2. Locating the Promotional QR Codes

3. The Guidebook App QR Code

4. The Guide Download QR Code

5. Best Practices and Important Notes

6. Case Studies and Additional Resources


1. The Guide Preview QR Code

When building your guide, it's crucial to be able to test out the look and feel of your Guidebook.  Our Preview Support Article  details how you can quickly evaluate your guide prior to publishing.  While previewing your guide is important, and you can use a QR code to do so, DO NOT ever use the Preview QR code for any marketing or promotional purposes.  

This QR code will only download a guide preview to your device and not the guide itself. Please only print the QR codes located in the "Promote" section of The Guidebook Builder.


2. Locating the Promotional QR Codes


Log in to the Guidebook Builder, and access your guide.


Click on “Promote”


To access the QR codes, click the “Logos & QR” tab


3. The Guidebook App QR Code

As the help text indicates, the Guidebook App QR Code is for the Guidebook app itself and NOT for your particular guide. When you scan this QR Code, you will be taken to the Guidebook app's listing in your device’s respective app store. This will allow users to download the Guidebook app itself, which is the first step to downloading your specific guides.


4.  The Guide QR Code

The Guide QR Code has a few different functionalities, depending on how you scan the code:

A. Scanning the Guide QR Code from outside the Guidebook App (third-party scanner) will take users to the mobile website version of your guide (which will have a link at the top to download the Guidebook app).

B. Scanning the Guide QR Code using Guidebook's native QR Scanner will attempt to download your guide to a user's device.  If your guide is private and requires a code to access, users will still need to enter the code prior to being able to download the guide.


5.  Best Practices and Important Notes

  • Note: Please be aware that your QR codes will never change. If you'd like, you can print them for conference materials as soon as you begin working on your guide in The Guidebook Builder.
  • Note: If your guide is set to private and has a redeem code necessary for download, you will still be required to enter that redeem code after you scan your guide’s QR code.
  • Tip: We provide the QR codes in vector format so that they can be easily resized to fit different materials. Clients have seen great success printing QR Codes on Posters, Postcards/Invitations, Attendee Badges, Exhibitor Information leaflets, Banners, Bookmarks, monitors, and in presentations/slideshows.  The sky's the limit!
  • Tip: We do NOT recommend including both the Guidebook App QR Code and the Guide QR Code in your materials; having too many codes can confuse users.  Instead, if this is your first time using Guidebook, we recommend using the Guidebook App QR Code coupled with clear download instructions (how to search for the guide, if it's public, or how to use a redeem code to access, if it's private).
  • BRANDED PLANS READ THIS TIP:  If you are on a branded plan, you will NOT want to use the QR Codes nor promotional materials included in the Guidebook Builder.  These codes direct users to the Guidebook app, instead of your special branded application.  If you have a branded plan, and you are interested in accessing your specialized branding materials (Hint: You should be very interested in this), please reach out to your account executive or your Guidebuilding Expert to get set up.


6.  Want to read more about creative uses, best practices, and real client experience? 

See how Baylor got the word out about their app and learn more about when people are more likely to download your guide. The Advancing Improvement in Education conference also did a stellar job of getting great download rates with their promotion strategy.

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