Use a QR Code to Promote Your Guide


Have a good promotional strategy and an easy download process in place so your end-users make the most of the guide you have worked hard to build for them. If you are publishing a guide to the Guidebook app, use a QR Code to get end-users into your guide quickly! 

Note: If you are on the Branded plan, contact Support at for help generating a custom QR code for your guide and/or app. 

Download the Guidebook app

Use this QR code to download the Guidebook app.


When you scan this with any QR scanner app on your mobile device, you will arrive at a webpage pointing you to the Guidebook app in your devices' app store. 


Download a specific guide inside the Guidebook app

After downloading the Guidebook app, you're ready to find a guide!

You'll notice there is a QR symbol in the Guidebook app -- this is a built-in QR scanner so you don't have to download a separate QR scanning app. 


Use this built-in scanner to scan the QR Code specific to a guide.


Wait! Where do I find the QR Code for a specific guide? 

The guide-builder can find the QR code specific to the guide in the "Promote" section. Visit the Promote section and then go to the "Logos & QR" tab in Builder. Click the "PNG" button to download the QR code. Share this with end-users in emails and on flyers/posters on-site!



Please keep in mind that private guides will still prompt users to enter the passphrase before they can download the content. Similarly, invite-only guides will still require users to log in to access the content.

Note: If an end-users scans your guide-specific code with a 3rd-party QR scanning app (instead of the built-in Guidebook one), they will be taken to the web version of your guide. Please make sure your users download Guidebook and use the in-app QR scanner to get to your guide! 

Want to read more about creative uses, best practices, and real client experience? 

See how Baylor got the word out about their app and learn more about when people are more likely to download your guide. The Advancing Improvement in Education conference also did a stellar job of getting great download rates with their promotion strategy.

If you have additional questions, reach out to us at!

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