Survey Tools: Create Evaluation Forms to Gather Feedback


Gathering user feedback is essential for measuring success. With this in mind, Guidebook has a built-in survey creation tool. 

Note: Your users will need network connectivity to complete and submit their survey responses.

In this article, we will cover:

If you are interested in Live Polls for schedule sessions, please see this article instead. 

How to Set Up a Survey

Create A Survey

In Guidebook Builder, open your guide dashboard. Click on the "Polls & Surveys" box. Then click on "Create new..." In the menu that appears, select "Survey".


Give your survey a name. You may choose to edit the call to action and the description if you would like. 

Once you create a Survey, you will arrive at the Summary page. There will be basic metrics about your response rate, as well as some key options.

  1. User Permissions: If you link your survey to multiple items (ie Session Evaluation), make sure to allow multiple submissions.
  2. Send Email Reports: If you would like to receive an email every time someone responds to this survey with a summary of their response, input the email address(es) here.  

Add Questions to a Survey

Click on the "Questions" tab, and then click on "New question". There are a few different question types available to you. You can also choose to make questions required or leave them optional.

Multiple Choice: The user selects one answer. 

Checkboxes: The user may select as many answers as they would like. 

Text: The user has a smaller amount of space to type in a response.

Paragraph: The user has a larger amount of space to type in a response.

Sliding Scale: The user gives a rating on the numeric scale you set (2-10).


Note: Builder will automatically generate subtitle text on Sliding Scale questions, indicating the highest number means the highest rating. 


How to Link a Survey in Your Guide

Click the "Links" tab and then click in the search box. Start typing in the name of a schedule session or list item. Then click the checkbox to link your survey to the selected session or list item. 

Note: This is the manual process for linking. To use a linking template to connect one evaluation to many items simultaneously, click here

To Add a Survey to the Main Menu of Your Guide:

Go back to the guide-building screen. Click on "Add a new feature" and add a "Feedback" module.

Click on the "Feedback" module and then select the survey you want to appear here. 



How to Review Survey Responses

Click the "Responses" tab to view your survey data in Builder. 


Export your survey responses to view all of your data in one place and manipulate it as needed for report-generation. Click here for tips on exporting survey data. 


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