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    1. What Are Survey Tools?
    2. Accessing Surveys
    3. Creating a Survey
    4. Adding Questions
    5. Linking Surveys
    6. Survey Responses


What Are Survey Tools?

With any event app (or guide, in general), accessing user feedback is an absolute must.  On Guidebook, "Surveys" allow guide creators and guide users to communicate through direct and specific questionnaires.  Surveys are included in the Plus Plan subscription and above.  If you are interested in creating Live Polls, please see this article instead.  Note: Surveys require internet connection to function properly.


Accessing Surveys

While you may add a Feedback form to your guide as a menu item from within the Guide Editor, your main survey tools can be found from the main Guide Content section within your guide.



Creating a Survey

To create a new survey, click the blue "Create New..." button in the upper right of the page and select "Survey"

You will be presented with a few options for your new Survey:

- Name: This is the name that will appear at the top of your survey

- Call to Action (Optional): What should a user do? i.e. "Fill Out This Form", "Please leave your feedback about our event", etc.  If you link your surveys to specific items or sessions, this Call to Action text will appear to direct users to the survey. 

- Description (Optional): Any additional information you may want to make available to your users


Once you save your new Survey, you'll be brought to the Survey Summary page.  The Summary will give you basic metrics for your survey, number of questions, responses, etc.

Surveys will be marked as "Inactive" in the above screen until they are linked to a list item, schedule session, or home screen feedback module.  This allows you to tell which surveys are available to your users and which are not.


Adding Questions

Selecting the Questions option from the top of the Summary page will bring you to your list of questions as well as the option to add new ones.

To add a new question, click the blue "New question" button from the upper left of the page.

There are a number of different question types available for you to use:

  • Multiple Choice

  • Checkboxes

  • Text

  • Paragraph

  • Sliding Scale

Simply add your question and possible responses (if applicable) and click the Create button.

If you want to make sure that users cannot submit their form without answering a particular question, you can tick the box for "This is a required question".

Continue with this process until you have all of your questions added.

Note: You are still able to edit and rearrange your questions after they are created from the main Questions page.


Linking Surveys

If you want your survey to appear within certain sessions/list items/etc in your schedule, you can do this from the Links page.

Begin typing the name of the item you'd like to have the survey linked to and select it from the search results.

You can also link a form directly from the session or list item.

Click into the session/item and then click the Feedback button from the top of the page.  This will take you to another search box where you will search for the name of your survey.

 You can also link a survey directly to the home screen by using the Feedback module:

  1. Click the “Add Features” button on the left sidebar
  2. Choose the Feedback option
  3. Click your new Feedback module on the left sidebar
  4. Select the survey you'd like to use

Survey Responses

Now that you've completed the work of creating and linking your survey, you're ready for the most important part of your survey: your user's responses.

You'll be able to review your attendee's responses to your questions by going to the Responses page in your survey.



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