Schedule: Adding Sessions to Your Guide (Overview)


The schedule is an important component of any guide. In Builder, we provide tools to help you build a robust, well-organized schedule.

You can manually enter sessions one by one, or you can use our schedule template spreadsheet to import data in bulk. You can use tracks to present information to your users in a structured way, and you can even manage session attendance if you would like!

Visit the links below for details on each topic:

  1. Add Schedule Sessions: Manual Entry
  2. Add Schedule Sessions: Template Import
  3. Schedule Tracks
  4. Session Attendance / Registration
  5. Preset Schedules
  6. iCal Schedule Feed

Frequently Asked Questions

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My schedule covers a long period of time. Is there a way to see a month view instead of a week view?

  • Yes! Click on your Schedule in Builder. Then click on the "Settings" tab. Look for the "Display as" option. Click to choose either Week view or Month view. Don't forget to save! 


Can I have more than one schedule in my guide? 

  • Each guide can have only one schedule. All of your sessions live in this one schedule.
  • You can use Schedule Tracks to organize your sessions and create multiple views. Click here for more information on Schedule Tracks!


Are there different ways to structure a schedule? Where can I learn more about event schedules or year-round schedules from real clients?

  • There are many ways to structure your schedule depending on your guide’s purpose and audience. Our users have used the platform to create everything from an app for their Church’s congregation to guides covering an entire Municipality.
  • Want to make an app that lasts 365 days? Our EDU clients are pros creating year-round schedules.
  • To learn more about real clients that have chosen to go mobile and mobile event technology best practices, check out our blog.


If you have additional questions about the Schedule feature, please explore the topics linked above or contact us at

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