Pro Tip: Creating One-Click Menu Items


Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Required Materials and Steps

3. Advantages, Applications, and Precautions

1. Introduction

Not all information is created equal -- at times, you may wish to highlight certain tidbits of information for your guide users.  To this end, Guidebook allows Guide Creators to present information directly on the home screen. Most guide content is organized in lists, but sometimes a list isn't the most efficient or effective way to display your details. We will use a special "Pin to home" workflow to create one-click access to a specific piece of information.  Click here if you are interested in pinning an existing Schedule Track to your home page.

2. Required Materials:

  1. Custom List with at least one item.


  1. Log into the Guidebook Builder, select your guide, and click on "Build Guide".  This will open the Guide Editor.
  2. From the Drawer Menu (on the left hand side of your screen), click on your custom list.  We will be pinning a single list item from this list to your guide's home page.
  3. On the right-hand side of your target list item, click the "Gear" icon, and choose "Pin to Home".
  4. You're done!  The list item should appear on your guide's menu, where you can change the icon.
  5. Tip: Create a Custom List called "Shortcuts", fill it with list items to be pinned to the home page, and disable the "Shortcuts" custom list.  Even though the list is disabled, each individual list item will still function perfectly in your guide.

3. Advantages, Applications, and Precautions of Pinned Items


  1. One click access.  This feature is a shortcut; users only need click on the icon in order to access the plethora of information within the list item.
  2. Highlight a sponsor with a one-click menu item!
  3. Link your custom list item to important PDFs (Plus Plan and beyond), URLs, Forms, and much more; this is a great way to get this information front and center.
  4. Put one-click items in folders for groups of easy-access information.


  1. Once you create a one-click item, do NOT delete the item from your menu, as this will delete the original custom list item.  Instead, disable the list item.
  2. Be wary of adding too many icons to your home screen; using your guide should be easy and intuitive.  A clogged home screen may complicate the user experience.


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