The General Info Feature


The General Info feature displays the Basic details about your guide. This includes the guide name, description, venue, and dates & times, as applicable. You can access these details by clicking on the  “General Info” item from the drawer menu on the left hand side of your screen.

However, from the Settings tab, you can edit the name of the module and its icon. You can also disable it so it is not visible, or delete it entirely.





To edit the content in the General Info feature, you will need to edit basic details about your guide.

You can access the Basic details by clicking on the "General Info" button in the left side navigation bar.

Click on the “Basics” tab after you’ve opened the General Info menu item. From there you will be able to modify the guide name, description, and dates & times, as applicable.  

Guides that serve as informational resources for a place or refer to multiple events year-round may have an "indefinite" duration. If your guide has a start and end date, be sure to set the dates correctly.  You may not adjust the start or end dates once they've passed, and all guides will become "Inactive" two weeks after the end date.


In the Branding tab, you can change your guide icon and cover image



In the Location tab, you can change the venue associated with your guide. This may be the location of an event or the company headquarters, for example.


In the Privacy tab, you can choose to make your guide private and set a passphrase. You can also toggle the sharing setting here. 


Don't forget to save any changes you have made!


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