General Info: Basic Details About Your Guide


The General Info module displays the Basic details about your guide. This includes the guide name, description, and venue. If you have set dates for your guide, they will appear here as well.

The General Info module is a great place for you to include a welcome letter, some instructions on how to use the app, maybe the WiFi information for the venue, or any other important details you would like your users to know.  

How to Edit Your General Info

In Builder, click on the "General Info" menu item or click on "Edit basic details" in the bottom-left corner of your guide-building screen. 

These are the same four steps you followed when first getting started with your guide. 


Basic Details

  • Name: Select a name for your guide.
  • Description: This is a great place for a welcome letter, some instructions, and/or key contact information.
  • Short Name: Choose the ending for your guide's customized landing page URL. You'll use this when you promote your guide to your users.
  • Duration: If your guide is a long-term resource, you can make the duration indefinite! If your guide is for an event, please set the specific start & end dates here.
  • Timezone: Set the timezone for the primary or central location of your event/the place where your guide will be used. 



  • On the next screen, add your guide icon and cover imageVisit the linked article for details on what these images are and where they will appear in the app. 



  • Provide the name of guide's primary or central location.
  • Use the Address bar to search for and set the street address.



  • On the next screen, You can determine the privacy setting for your guide. If you’re not sure about the privacy setting you want, please click here for more information.
  • The Sharing option allows attendees to share sessions, speakers, and other aspects of the guide.  


Don't forget to save any changes you have made!  


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