Pro Tip: Hide Certain Sessions from View


We know that you sometimes don't want everyone to see every single session in your Schedule all at once! With this Pro Tip, you can hide the master Schedule from view and choose to show specific Schedule Tracks to your Users. 

Watch this video and/or follow the written instructions below.

Before Getting Started

Add sessions to your Schedule (Need help? Click here!) with your Schedule Tracks set up! 

  • For every session you do want to make visible in the guide, assign it to a Schedule Track. We recommend creating a "Schedule At-A-Glance" or "Agenda Overview" track to house the general sessions that you want to have visible.
  • Then everything else will be assigned to other tracks, like "Breakout Session A" or "Marketing" or whatever tags you may have. Remember - One session can be listed on multiple tracks. 


In this example, we don't want every single workshop to be visible. 


If you have already added your sessions but want to quickly assign them to tracks, click here. This resource shows how to export your schedule from Builder, edit the spreadsheet, and re-import it! 


1. Hide the Schedule Module

In Guidebook Builder, open the guide you're working on. Click on the Schedule module from the guide-building screen.

Click on the "Settings" tab.

Find the "Enable" setting and click to turn this off.


Your Schedule module has now been disabled so it is hidden from view in the app!


2. Pin Schedule Tracks to the Menu

In the Schedule module, click on the "Tracks" tab.

To the right of each track, you will see a gear icon. For the tracks you want to make visible on the menu, click this gear icon, and then click "Pin to menu".


This will send the track to the menu with its own icon. Feel free to change the icon.

You can also click and drag to reorder your menu items! Folders also help keep the menu clutter-free. 


What It Looks Like


Users will open your guide, access the schedule, and see everything in one place. This might be a little confusing and overwhelming if you have numerous concurrent sessions. 




The pinned track for your "Agenda Overview" will be cleaner and easier to navigate! (Note: notice the linked concurrent sessions? Head over to our linking page for all the details of working with linking!)


Sometimes folks use Preset Schedules and disable the main Schedule too, if each User has a specific assigned schedule.


Note: Because this solution is a workaround to our default functionality, it is possible that some end-users may inadvertently view your full, unfiltered schedule when following the very specific steps below:

  1. End-user clicks into the My Schedule feature in the app.
  2. End-user toggles from My Schedule to Schedule (or clicks "Add one now" on iOS)

This feature is intentional, so that users can access the full schedule set from when creating their personalized schedules.  Despite this one caveat, this workaround functions very effectively and can really help to enhance the guide browsing experience. 

If you have any questions, reach out to us at!

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