Pro Tip: Excluding Schedule Items from the Main Schedule


By default, the Schedule feature will display all session information in your guide, regardless of track.  At times, this can create a cluttered schedule view; we've found that often, our users employ schedule tracks for a specific audience, or for a specific date, but they do not want to be included in the main Schedule module.  Thankfully, a simple workaround exists to create a less cluttered schedule, without sacrificing your data.

Before reading on, we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the Schedule Track workflows in Guidebook Builder.  Schedule Tracks are a premium feature, so this pro tip will only apply to users on the premium or branded plans.

In order to exclude sessions from the main schedule, you will need to treat one schedule track as your main schedule, and disable the actual Schedule module. Schedule tracks appear just like the actual Schedule on people's devices. The following steps will show you exactly how to do this:

1. Following the instructions in the export data support article, use Export Data to download a CSV spreadsheet containing all of your schedule data.  If you have not yet created a schedule in your guide, you may create a fresh spreadsheet in one of our session templates in the next step.

2. Determine which sessions you want to include in your main schedule, and assign them all to a new schedule track – for clarity, we recommend naming this new track, “Main Schedule.”  Remember - you may list multiple schedule tracks within a single cell by separating the tracks with a semicolon (e.g. "Executive Track; Main Schedule").

For sessions you would like to exclude from the main schedule, ensure that they are not assigned to the "Main Schedule" track (or, whichever name you chose for your main schedule track).

If you used Export Data, be sure to keep the session IDs column completely intact!

3. Save your spreadsheet, and import your saved file to the schedule module.

4. Once the import finishes, click into your main schedule feature, select the "Settings" tab, and disable the module. (DO NOT DELETE!)

5. Still in your main schedule feature, click on the "Tracks" tab.  Find the replacement track, click the gear to its right, and choose "Pin to home".

You're done!  In the Guide Builder phone preview, your screen should look similar to the image below: 

Disclaimer: Because this solution is a workaround to our default functionality, it is possible that some end-users may inadvertently view your full, unfiltered schedule when following the very specific steps below:

1) End-user clicks into the My Schedule feature in the app.

2) End-user toggles from My Schedule to Schedule (or clicks "Add one now" on iOS)

This feature is intentional, so that users can access the full schedule set from when creating their personalized schedules.  Despite this one caveat, this workaround functions very effectively and can really help to enhance the guide browsing experience. 


Schedule tracks are a paid feature, so if you would like to include them in your guide, you can upgrade to Premium, or else get in touch with our Sales Team ( to get a quote.

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