Export Your Data from Builder (Overview)


Exporting data out of Builder is quick and easy! There are a few different uses for exporting data, and there are a few different data components you can export.

Guide Content



Guide Content

For any guide content you would like to export, follow the steps below:

In Builder, access your guide dashboard. Click on “Advanced Tools”. Then click “Export data”.


Then click on the item(s) you would like to export. See the sections below for more details.


1. Export the Schedule and/or Custom Lists

If you have a lot of edits to make to your schedule and/or custom lists, you may want to export the spreadsheet back out from Builder. You can make those changes and then re-import it back in. You can avoid manually adding/editing a lot of content this way! For more help, click here.

If you are using a Linking Template to link sessions and custom lists together, export your data to get the ID numbers for the Linking Template. Click here for details.


2. Export Session and/or List Item Ratings

If you have enabled 5-star ratings, you will see the average of users’ ratings in the app. To export a spreadsheet of your 5-star rating averages, follow the steps above to reach the Export Data screen for your guide.


Then click on “Schedule Session Ratings (CSV)” to export your session ratings. Click on any “[Custom List Name] Ratings (CSV)” to export the list item ratings for each of those lists.

Builder will send you an email with the spreadsheet document.

Please keep in mind that these items only appear if there are responses recorded. 

Note: We do not provide an export of each individual star rating given. The spreadsheet will give the average rating as seen in the app.


3. Export Survey Responses

Follow the steps above to arrive at the Export Data menu. Then click on the name of your Survey to receive an email with your response export. Click here for more details on survey data.



Export Metrics Data

From the guide dashboard, click on the Metrics box. Be sure the date range in the top-right reflects the timeframe you wish to view!

Click on the down arrow next to “Metrics” near the top-left. Then click to open the Metrics “Export Data” menu.


From this view, click on the data you would like to export. The spreadsheet will download instantly. Click here for more details on Metrics.

Note: Click on the download icon on a specific graphic for download options specific to that visible data.



Generate Audience Insights Report

You can export user-specific engagement reports and you can export information about sessions and custom list items - which ones are the most popular, and even who viewed them. Click here for details! 


Questions? Visit the linked articles for more help. If you're still stuck, contact us at Support@guidebook.com!

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