Solutions Consultant Webinar: Intro to the Guidebook Builder


The Webinar

The 20-minute video provides an overview of Builder. 

What is this?

The Solutions Consultant Webinar was a live web tutorial series that focused on demystifying the Guidebook Builder, our Content Management System.  We've currently pulled the Webinar series in lieu of an improved on-boarding experience! Please visit our Getting Started article for help as you dive into guide-building


What do the Webinars cover?

The webinars aim to give a general introduction to the Guidebook Builder.  The live webinar is a 30 minute session where you would:

  • Get introduced to the Guidebook Builder, our Content Management System
  • Learn the best ways to navigate through Guidebook Builder and add content to your guide
  • (Exclusive to the Live Webinar) Ask questions specific to your needs and get insight from our Guidebuilding Expert

Want more personalized information about how you can use Guidebook to meet your needs? Request a Demo! 

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