Customizing Your Guide Layout


When building a guide, clean organization is paramount to a successful user experience.  With the Guidebook Builder, you can reorganize your features, change icons, hide modules, and do much more.  


1. Adding New Features

2. Reorganizing Your Modules

3. Changing Module Icons

4. Disabling/Enabling Modules


1. Adding New Features

  • First, log into the Guidebook Builder, and click on the guide you would like to edit.  
  • Click on "Build Guides"
  • In the main guide editor, you have two ways to add a new feature:
    1. The Action Menu:  On the left-hand side of the screen, select the "Add Features" button just below ‘Back to Dashboard’ (new screenshot 1 here to replace current one of action bar)

    1. The Guide Canvas: Just above the phone representation of your guide you will see two options ‘Home’ and ‘Features’. Click on ‘Features’ and then hover over the phone - this will cause a message to appear over a greyed out background where you can click to ‘Add Features’. (new gif here to replace current screenshot one of guide canvas)




2. Reorganizing Your Modules

In the Action Menu to the left of the Guide Canvas (phone representation), you can drag and drop the modules up and down into the order you’d like them to appear in the guide. The gif below summarizes this action:



Pro-tip: Try to place the features which will be used most towards the top of the menu to ease navigation in the app for your users - the guide’s ‘Agenda/Schedule’ and ‘General Info’ are great examples of commonly used features in guides.



3. Changing Module Icons

Changing module icons is a great way to give your guide a tailored look and feel.  Guidebook Builder allows you to choose any icon from our expansive library (for premium and above users, you can also upload your own custom icons!).

  1. In the Action Menu to the left of the Guide Canvas, click on the module you would like to modify.
  2. In the resulting overlay, navigate to the "Settings" tab.
  3. Underneath the icon, select "Change".
  4. Now, you can choose from our complete library or upload your own (premium and up!).  Don't forget to Save!

For more information about customizing your icons, check out our guide to custom icons!



4. Disabling/Enabling Modules

During the course of your guide building tenure, you may wish to hide certain features from your users.  Perhaps the feature contains misinformation or is not ready to be shown -- no matter the reason, the Guidebook Builder has you covered.

While you can always delete an icon, there is no UNDO function.  For precaution, we recommend you make smart use of the disable/enable feature to hide/show modules at your disposal.

  1. In the Action Menu to the left of the Guide Canvas, click on the module you would like to disable/enable. If a module is disabled, it will show a ‘Disabled’ logo to the right of the module name and the module name will be displayed in a lighter grey text colour.

  1. In the resulting overlay, navigate to the "Settings" tab.
  2. Toggle the "Enabled" switch to the appropriate setting.  A disabled module will not show for your users; an enabled module will appear.
  3. Be sure to save the feature!

If you must delete a feature, you can click the delete prompt from within the Settings tab.  Our support team cannot take back a deletion, though -- be warned!

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