Customizing Your Guide Layout


A clean, organized navigation menu is paramount to successful user experience.  

Before you start moving your menu items around, take a quick moment to think about your goals for your guide. What do you want your users to see first?  Which menu items are most important for your users?  How should your users spend most of their time in your guide?

If one of your goals is to provide a robust schedule for your users, make sure the Schedule menu item is near the top of the menu, for example. Consider setting the Interact feed as your home screen, if one of your goals is to promote engagement and dialogue among your users.

In this article, we will cover how to:

1. Adding New Features

In the Guidebook Builder, open the guide you'd like to edit. From the main guide-building screen, there are two ways to add a new feature:

  1. Click "Add a new feature to your menu" in the top-left corner of the guide-building screen
  2. Alternatively, you can toggle the preview in the middle of the canvas from your "Home" screen to the "Features" screen. Hover over the phone to see an option to "Add Features".

Scroll through the list of available features, and click "Add" for the menu item(s) you'd like to include.



2. Reorganizing Your Modules

In Builder, it's quick and easy to reorder your menu items as you'd like. Just click to drag and drop menu items. You can even drag menu items in and out of Folders.  


3. Changing Module Icons

Changing module icons is a great way to give your guide a tailored look and feel.  Guidebook Builder allows you to choose any icon from our expansive library.

  1. From the guide-building screen, click on a menu item.
  2. Click on the "Settings" tab for that menu item.
  3. You will see an Icon setting. Click the "Change" button. 
  4. Explore the icon library to select your icon.
  5. Don't forget to save!

Premium and Branded plan-holders may upload their own custom icons. For more information about customizing your icons, check out our guide to custom icons!


4. Disabling/Enabling Modules

You may want to hide certain menu items from your users until you are ready to share that information. It could be incomplete, a list of awards to be revealed at a certain time, or just a menu item you don't want to use. 

  1. From the guide-building screen, click on a menu item.
  2. Click on the "Settings" tab for that menu item.
  3. You will see an enable/disable toggle. Click to toggle the menu item as visible (enabled) or invisible (disabled). 


You can delete a menu item if you would like, but there is no undo function!

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