Photo Album: Manage and Add Images in Builder


The Photo Album feature is perfect for users to view and share pictures. As the guide-builder, you can add or remove images in the photo album at any time. You can also export all of the images if you would like. 

In this article, we will cover:

To see how the photo album works in the app for an end-user, please click here

How to Add a Photo Album to Your Guide

In the Guidebook Builder, navigate to your guide-building screen.

If you don't have a Photo Album in your menu yet, click on "Add a new feature" in the top-left corner of the screen. Then scroll to find and add the "Photo Album".

Click on the Photo Album in the navigation menu to access the "Settings" tab. If you'd like to rename the menu item or change the icon, you may do so here.

You also have the option to disable user uploads to the photo album. This means you can add photos in Builder for users to see, but users will not be able to add their own, should you choose.

How to View, Add, Download, and Delete Pictures in Builder

Click on the Photo Album in your guide to open it. You will see a few options on the screen:

  • Upload Photos: You can select images from your computer to upload into Builder. You can also drag and drop an image into this window. Please make sure the photos are the correct orientation before uploading them.
  • Export images to a .zip file: When you have images in the photo album, you can export the album and save it to your computer. 


When you have some pictures in your Photo Album, you can view, edit, and delete them.


Move your cursor over an image to see additional options. Click the "x" to delete a picture. Click the pencil icon to add a caption. Click on the image itself to view it enlarged.



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