Landing Pages: What are they, and how can I find mine?



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Landing pages (see the top image) are miniature web pages packed with information about your guide. They alert your users of your mobile solution and explain the value they can expect by accessing your guide.  

Your users will see your guide's icon, branding, screenshots of your guide on a variety of devices, and awesome download tools for quick access to the Guidebook app.  For this reason, your landing page is an amazing asset for promoting your guide and receiving strong adoption. 

Note: Your landing page will fully activate once your guide is published. Sharing the URL before that time will show users an incomplete guide, and the download instructions will not work.  Do NOT share your landing page prior to publishing your guide.



1) Log in to the Guidebook Builder and access your guide

2) Click on "Promote"


3) Click into the "Web" tab
4) Click the URL listed under "Download Page".



5) Copy the resulting landing page URL for distribution to your users
You can edit your shortname (the part of the URL after /g/) by navigating into the Guide Basics section and editing the shortname field.  Once your guide is published, you will be unable to edit your shortname.  Choose wisely!


Please note, these steps will only work for guides on the Guidebook platform. If you have a branded app, or any additional questions, please email


Want to read more about creative uses, best practices, and real client experience? See how Baylor got the word out about their app and learn more about when people are more likely to download your guide. The Advancing Improvement in Education conference also did a stellar job of getting great download rates with their promotion strategy.

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