Including PDF documents in your guide



I. Introduction

II. Adding the Files

III. Important Considerations

 I. Introduction

Including PDFs in your guide is a great way to provide your attendees with presentation materials, charts/graphics, forms, or any other informational resources they may need. You can upload these files to a schedule session or list item. Alternatively, you can use a Web View to link to a document from the main menu. 

Please Note: Linking to PDFs is supported only on the Plus, Premium, and Branded plan levels.

Also, please note that your files must be in the PDF format. You will not be able to add .XLS, .DOC., .PPT, or any other filetype that is not a PDF. You can convert your files to PDF by choosing "Save As" in the program you are using. 

 II. Adding the Files

Once your files are in PDF format, adding those PDF documents to your guide is quick and painless.  We're going to use a technique called "Linking".  For more information on Linking, check out this support article!

How to Add PDFs to your Guide:

1. Navigate to your guide within the Guidebook Builder, and click on "Build Guide". In your guide, you will need a Schedule with sessions in it, or a List with items in it. 

2. After creating a session or a list item, save and close it. Click to re-open that session or item to find the "Links" tab.



3. In the Links tab, you have three options: to link to an item in your guide (search bar), to link to a website URL, or to link to a PDF. Let's click the PDF button here. Note: Please click "PDF" even if your document is hosted online.




4. In the "Link a PDF" window, please type in the name of your document.


Then you can either click Select PDF to choose a file from your computer, or you can provide a PDF URL. This URL must end in ".pdf"

If you choose to toggle "Include", this PDF will be accessible even without Internet connection. If you have numerous PDFs in your guide, this will increase the size of the guide and may reduce download rate for your attendees. 

5. Then click "Add PDF". This will automatically save!


III. Important Considerations

  1. You must save powerpoints, word docs, xls files, etc. as PDFs before you attempt to link it!  When hosting PDFs online, please make sure the URL ends in .pdf:

  2. If you have numerous PDFs to add to your guide, we recommend hosting them online and linking them via PDF URL (instead of directly uploading from your computer). 

  3. We recommend uploading no more than 20 MBs of PDFs total. 

  4. Our uploader cannot accept PDFs larger than 5 MBs each. The PDFs should be less than 5 MB each.

  5. Tip:  Use to compress your PDFs!

  6. If you are having trouble accessing the PDF, confirm that you've linked it using the PDF button, not the URL button. Also, try removing any spaces or special characters from the name of the PDF.


If you run into any trouble or have any questions about uploading PDFs, please feel free to contact Support at We'll be happy to help! 


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