Guide Inactivity


Guides become archived (inactive) two weeks after the event end date specified. If you're creating a guide without a start/end date (ex. for Places), your guide will remain active until the end of your subscription.

When a guide becomes inactive, two things happen:

1. You can no longer publish updates on Guidebook Builder. You can still view all your guide contents and metrics, but you will no longer be able to make and publish changes.

If you need to continue publishing updates to your guide even after the event has finished, please provide some details to and we will see what can be done.

2. Private guide passphrases will scramble. This will prevent new users from downloading your private guide.

  • Public guides will continue to be public and downloadable.
  • Downloaded guides will continue to remain on users' devices until they are deleted.
  • If you need users to privately download your guide, you can set the redeem code again from the "General Info" drawer menu item in the left side of the guide editor window and then on the “Privacy” tab. This redeem code will then no longer scramble.


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