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Please Note:

Users who have already downloaded the guide will continue to have access to it as before. Downloaded content stored locally on users' devices will remain until users choose to remove it themselves. 

A metered guide will not become inactive. Please reach out to to have your guide de-listed. 

When Guides Become Inactive

If you create a guide with a Start Date and an End Date (i.e., for an event), your guide will become inactive two weeks after the guide's End Date

If you create a guide without a Start/End Date, meaning it is set to "Ongoing" (i.e., year-round resources), your guide will become inactive on the subscription's end date

Your Account Manager can help with any questions about your subscription! 

What Happens to an Inactive Guide

  1. You can no longer publish updates to your content in Guidebook Builder.
  2. The passphrase - if your guide is private - will be scrambled.

1. You can no longer publish updates to your content in Guidebook Builder. 

When your guide becomes inactive, you can still view all of your guide contents and Metrics. However, you will no longer be able to edit your guide content and publish those changes to users. This includes sending notifications.

Be sure to publish all the changes you need to make and send all of your notifications prior to the guide inactivity date. 

2. The passphrase - if your guide is private - will be scrambled.

This will prevent new users from downloading your private guide.

Note: Public guides will continue to be public and downloadable as before.

If you still need to share your guide with new users after it has become inactive, you can reset the passphrase in the Privacy tab of your guide's basic details. Click here for details on guide Privacy.


If you have additional questions about guide inactivity, please feel free to reach out to us at!

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