The My Schedule/To Do List



I. Introduction

II. Setting up the To-Do/My Schedule Modules

III. Syncing To-Do/My Schedule between devices

IV. More Resources

V. Creating your own personal sessions (for the end user)



I. Introduction

The To-do list and My Schedule features help build a fantastic personal guide experience for your users. Guidebook's schedule module is essential to almost every guide, and the schedule works in perfect tandem with the My Schedule module, allowing app users to personalize their own schedules by adding sessions from the main schedule. The To-do lists operate the same way, allowing attendees or visitors to create their own action items by adding entries from custom lists.

Through Guidebook Web, all Guidebook users, no matter the platform, will be able to take advantage of these features (Note: On Web, a user account is necessary to access My Schedule and To-do list).



II. Setting up the To-do and My Schedule Modules

It's very easy to add these features to your Guidebook. If you check out your guide in the editor within the Guidebook Builder, you're already 99% set up.  

1.  From the left-hand action menu, simply select "Add Features" to launch the features selector.  

2.  Within the resulting menu, you'll find the To-do List and the My Schedule features; click "Add" below the features to add them to your guide.

That's it!  You won't be able to modify these modules from the Guidebook Builder – both work the same way in every guide. However, in order for users to take full advantage of the My Schedule and To-do modules, you'll need to populate the Schedule module and at least one Custom List, respectively. Guidebook also allows users to input their own To-do items!  (The gifs below show how users can interact with the To-do list and My Schedule features)




III. Syncing To-Do/My Schedule Across Devices

With User-Logins, all personalized To-Do list and My Schedule data gets tethered to your Guidebook user account.  This allows Guidebook to easily sync your information, no matter which device you log into.  Please see our article on user accounts for more details!



IV. More Resources 

Want to read more about creative uses, best practices, and real client experience?

See how Strathcona County uses the My Schedule feature as part of their municipal solution and hear from our in-house data scientist, Patrick McNally about how end users engage with the My Schedule feature in his super-scientific (but super-easy to understand) study. He says that users building their own schedules is “one of the surest signs an attendee is engaging meaningfully with the material in a guide.”

We hope that using the My Schedule/To-do List features will help give your attendees a unique and personal event app experience.  If you have any other questions about these features, please leave a comment below or shoot us a message at


V. Creating your own My Schedule Sessions (for the end user) 

As an end user, you can now create your own sessions using the My Schedule module.  This is helpful if you want to pencil in some networking time with colleagues or set aside some time for a lunch or dinner with friends!  Creating these sessions is also super easy:

Step 1: Click on 'My Schedule'

Step 2: Click on the '+' icon in the upper right hand corner

Step 3: Fill out all of the details and click save

That's it!


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