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Welcome back!  Thanks for renewing your account with Guidebook – we are very happy to have you with us once more.  As you get prepared for your upcoming guide launches, you must have many questions – how do you get started, can you re-use content from your old guide, etc.  This article will serve as a Renewals Kit, geared towards making your Guidebook return overwhelmingly triumphant and successful.


Getting Started (again)

Q: Who should I contact at Guidebook to get things going?

A:  Reach out to your renewals executive.  If you do not know the name of your renewals executive, please send a message into with your name, account information, and your question.  Our team will be able to pass you off to the correct agent in no time!


Q:  Can I reuse content from an older guide?

A:  Yes!  You can either have your guide cloned, or you can export the guide data from your old guide and reimport the data into a new one.  This support article on duplicating guides will help you on your way.


Q: I’ve purchased a new guide plan, but my guide is not upgraded.  How can I upgrade my new guide to the proper level?

A:  Ensure that the details in your account match the plan you've just purchased.  This Account Management support article can help; if things still do not match up, reach out to or contact your account executive.


Q:  What will happen to my old guide?

A:  Your old guide is likely inactive – this is an automatic status that befalls all guides two weeks after their end-date.  Inactive guides cannot be edited in Guidebook Builder, and guides that required passphrases to access will see their passphrases scrambled.  This prevents end-users from downloading the guide; however, if your old guide did not require a redeem code to access, it will still appear downloadable to end users.  

Should you like to delete the guide or hide it from end-users, please contact with your name, account information, the URL of the guide ( for example), and your request.  We’ll get everything squared away for you.


Q:  I purchased “Professional Services”.  Will I have access to the new guide in Guidebook Builder?

A: Absolutely.  Your Guidebuilding Expert from the customer success team will set this up for you.  If you experience any delays with this or cannot see your new guide in your dashboard, please contact your Guidebuilding Expert or send in a request to


Q:   What level of support do I get?

A:  Reference your quote to figure out which plan you’ve purchased.  Plus plans and above have access to our robust support site (you’re on it right now!, our live chat option on the support site, our email channel (, and our phone lines should any of the aforementioned resources prove insufficient.  Our support team is award-winning, so you are in very good hands!  If you’ve purchased 'Professional Services', you’ll be introduced to your very own Guidebuilding Expert who can help to build out your guide and provide some top notch advice.  

Details about Guidebook's Support Offerings


Q:  This year, we have some new team members.  Can we request a Guidebook Builder training for them?

A:  Yes!  Please reach out to your renewals exec for more information.  We also recommend that new members read through our Getting Started Guide and try out some basic operations in the Guidebook Builder.


New Features

Please refer to our feature release log to learn more about what exciting changes Guidebook has rolled out since your last guide.


Custom Plans vs. Subscriptions

Sadly, Custom Plans are no longer available as part of Guidebook’s offerings.  All plans must be converted into one of Guidebook’s Subscriptions.  See our pricing page for more information on subscriptions.


Improve your Download Numbers

Whether your last guide was a roaring success, or whether the download metrics left much to be desired, you can always improve your adoption rate through clever and thoughtful promotion techniques.  Guidebook surveyed a crew of expert event planners to put together a great report on how to best promote your guide.


Still have questions?

Reach out to, and our team will get you headed in the right direction!

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