Guidebook Web: Guides Synced Across Web, Mobile, and Tablet

You can give your users a complete, elegant Guidebook experience, synced across all devices. 

Guidebook Web is the version of your guide that is accessible from any web browser. It has been redesigned to work almost exactly like the mobile and tablet versions, meaning that you can deliver a consistent user experience. 

Guidebook's web version now has a good looking, easy-to-use user interface!
The web version is responsive – it dynamically resizes to fit the browser – so no matter the size of your window or screen, it will look great and be easy to navigate.
Guidebook Web is used to access guides on desktops, laptops, Windows phones, Blackberry 9, and most older devices. 


How can I use Guidebook Web?

When you make a change to your guide in Guidebook Builder, it publishes across all platforms, including the web version. This means you now have an updated guide that's available anywhere.
When you link to your web version from emails or your website, you give users the ability to log in on their computers, and then access their customized guides on their mobile phones and tablets.
Some Guidebook customers include their guide as a tab on their website, rather than keeping a separate event agenda or venue map that must be updated separately. Learn how to do that in this support article. You could even replace your entire website with your guide's webpage, if all you need is to show the information included in your guide.
Guidebook customers are incorporating the web version into their marketing strategy to drive downloads and engagement. You can learn more about using Guidebook Web for marketing in this support article or blog post.

Looking to build a new guide and use the web version? Reach out to our sales team at
Where can I find the web version of my guide?

You can find it by navigating to the "Promote" section of your guide in Guidebook Builder. Select "Web" from the different tabs. You will find the URL of your guide's web version below the "On the web" text (This is NOT the Download Page).


What else do I need to know?

We haven't released all the Guidebook Web Features yet. We will be updating this list as the features become available, but the limitations of the web version are listed below:

  • On Guidebook web, the Interact feature is not available.
  • Maps are not interactive on Guidebook web. Guides will use static maps.
  • “Messaging,” “Checking in as an Attendee,” and the "Connect" feature are not currently available.
  • Push notifications will not be sent to the desktop version.
  • If you have a branded app, the web version of your guides will not have your branded app themes and coloring yet.
  • Schedule and photo album previews do not work on the web version. 
  • Session registration for sessions with limited space will not work on Guidebook web.
  • Universal search does not work on Guidebook web. You will have to scan the web pages using your browser's search functions.
  • The Notes module is not currently available.
  • Thumbnail Images will not appear in the web version. 
  • Campus Tours are not available on the web version. 
  • QR Code Scanners, and the Scavenger Hunt game, are not supported in web browser. 
  • Internet Explorer may experience some hiccups in navigation and feature access.  We recommend using Google Chrome.

Finally, on the web version of your guide, updates happen as they are executed on Guidebook Builder. That means that enabled items on your guide will appear on the web version even before you click on “Publish Updates.” 

If you are concerned that certain incomplete sections of your guide will be visible to those browsing the mobile web, then you can turn on Privacy while you construct that section, and then disable Privacy once the update has been pushed through. This will not affect users who have already downloaded your guide. However, new users will not be able to download your guide without the passphrase while Privacy is enabled.

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