QR Code Scavenger Hunt Game


The QR Code Scavenger Hunt is a type of game that can be built into your flat rate (Premium) guide.

In this game, participants search for QR codes that have been placed around the venue, building, or campus. When a participant finds a code, they'll scan it and reveal part of a phrase that you specify. A participant will complete the game by finding and scanning all of the codes, and in doing so will reveal the entire phrase. 

The QR game works best if the players receive a small reward or entry into a larger contest for completing the game. The competitive aspect works to make the game fun, and the potential reward provides motivation to complete the game.

Watch this video to see how a QR Code Scavenger Hunt works for an end-user.

What does Guidebook need in order to set up a QR game for me?

We need four pieces of information in order to set up a QR game. If any of this information changes, we will have to generate a brand new game!

1. The name of the guide: Let us know which guide you'd like us to add the game to.

2. The game phrase with slashes to show how to break it up: “Thi/s is/ an ex/ampl/e ph/rase”

  • This particular phrase would generate six codes:
    1. Thi
    2. s is
    3.  an ex
    4. ampl
    5. e ph
    6. rase

3. The instruction text for participants:

  • Example: “Scan the codes hidden throughout the building to complete the game phrase. After you've completed the phrase, present your phone to a staff member at the Information Desk and you'll be entered to win a gift card of your choice!”

4. How the game should end: 

  • Option A: Users simply unveil the hidden phrase. Maybe they need to show their phone to someone at your venue, for example. 
  • Option B: A link appears so the users can fill out a survey.
    • If you want a survey to show up, please let us know what title text for the link should be and what the survey questions should be (usually asking for name and email address). 

Note: Due to technical limitations, the game phrase cannot include the apostrophe character ( ' ).

How does the game work?

After we receive the required information, we'll build out the game and add the necessary guide modules. Feel free to change the icons or move the game folder around in your guide menu.

We'll send you the QR codes in PNG format. We'll also include a special “reset” code that will clear out any game progress when scanned. This is useful for testing out the game, but we don't recommend leaving it out where your participants might accidentally scan it.

You print out the codes, and place them around the area you'd like participants to explore.

Once the game starts, a participant scan a QR code using the QR Scanner module in the game folder. Scanning the code will take them to the “Game Progress” page and fill in part of the phrase.

After the participant scans all codes and completes the game they'll see the entire phrase. Optionally, the game can display a link below the completed phrase that when tapped, takes participants to a Guidebook survey or external website.

Why should I add a QR game?

Increase User Engagement
You want people to find your guide useful and informative. We measure this through “user engagement”, or “How much time do people spend, and how many actions do people take in my guide?”. The QR game is a fun way to increase user engagement, because it gives people a reason to keep coming back to your guide. Once they have the guide open, they're more likely to explore the rest of your guide content.

Increase User Adoption
Naturally, you want the greatest possible number of people to download and use your guide. Higher user adoption means a better return on your investment and fewer printed materials. When people see other attendees playing a QR game, they'll be more likely to download the guide (if they haven't already done so) and join in on the fun.

Sponsorship Opportunity
You can use a QR game to make your sponsors happy and increase your sponsorship revenue. With the QR game, you'll have a way that you can drive measurable traffic to a sponsor booth, banner, or luncheon, regardless of its location. This is a great way for people to interact with a sponsor's brand.

Things to Keep in Mind

Make sure that the prize matches the effort required to win it. 

  • If your game is too difficult, or there are too many codes to scan, players may feel frustrated that they can’t win. If your game is too easy, players will complete it immediately and won’t be challenged to move around the venue.

Make sure that guide users know about the QR game.

  • In order to get people to play your game, you’ll need to tell them about it. Try posting information about the game around the venue, or including information in your promotional emails.

If you'd like to add a QR Game to your guide, just send an email to builders@guidebook.com with the required information.

We'll need to do a bit of work to get your game up and running, so be sure to give us at least two weeks to build your game!

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