Does Guidebook support guides in multiple languages?


Yes! The Guidebook Builder supports building guides in any language, and the Guidebook App also automatically translates the app (not any of the content you've uploaded) to create a localized experience for your users.


Building a Guide

In Guidebook Builder, wherever you can enter text, you can input data in any language. You may even include your data in our import spreadsheets in any language. A word of warning, however: sometimes languages contain special characters that can act oddly upon import, and languages that read right to left may encounter some alignment issues.  We recommend using LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice and a CSV template to upload your data.  Please reach out to if you encounter any trouble.

If you are attempting to format your session times in military time (24 hour format), not to worry. While Builder may show your time in 12 hour format, the Guidebook app will display time in the format that matches your users' hardware settings. That means if a user has their phone set to show time in 24 hour format, your Guidebook will also show in 24 hour format.


The Guidebook App

The Guidebook app is currently localized for several widespread languages (see the list at the bottom of this article).  Guidebook adjusts its language based on the language settings of users' phones.  If a user's phone is set to the French language, the Guidebook app will adjust to show all non-guide content (ex. the "Add to My Schedule" and "Back" buttons) in French.

To reiterate, Guidebook does NOT automatically translate actual data in any individual guide.  This data is controlled independently by the guide creator.

In the screenshot below, you'll see how the app language appears when a user's phone is set to Spanish.  The guide creator input an English title for the feature, "Attendees".  However, the other text has adjusted from Connections to Conexiones, etc.

In the screenshot below, you can see another example of the guide content ("Actually comprehensive test guide") reflecting the guide creator's English data, but the app reflecting Spanish localization.

If you put both the guide text and your phone settings in your preferred language, these will both be reflected in the guide. See below the screenshot from a Chinese guide.


Supported Localized Languages

While you can build a guide in any language, the Guidebook app is localized for the languages below:

  1. English
  2. Korean
  3. Japanese
  4. French
  5. Spanish
  6. Spanish (Latin America)
  7. Chinese (simplified)
  8. German
  9. Thai
  10. Indonesian
  11. Italian
  12. Polish
  13. Malay
  14. Portuguese (Brazil)
  15. Swedish
  16. Vietnamese
  17. Russian
  18. Turkish
  19. Bulgarian
  20. Hungarian
  21. Romanian
  22. Ukrainian
  23. Czech
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