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Guidebook Spaces allow you to centralize all your content in a unique, completely branded experience within the Guidebook container app. To learn more about why we introduced this new feature, see this blog post.

Learn more about using Spaces:

Spaces for existing branded app clients

Spaces are a layer between your apps and your guides, and allow us to continue to serve our clients best while meeting the App Store's evolving requirements.

We've updated the dashboard so that all elements pertaining to your app are now found in a special App Info section on the left-hand column. Click into each section to update your app details, app images and screenshots, or to view your app metrics accordingly. If you need to submit updates, select "Submit app changes for review" and our team will process it as usual.

Elements that are relevant to Spaces, such as Theme, Details, and Attached Guides, can be managed through the main dashboard.


Spaces for Builder users

Introducing Spaces! You can think of a 'Space' as your own Branded real estate within the Guidebook app.  Until now, your attendees have always been graced by Guidebook's signature branding as they've navigated through your guides: Our Guidebook logos, that cozy shade of blue on the navigation bar, etc.

With the advent of Spaces, you can now craft and manage your own branded home within our app.  Upload your own logo, choose your own colors, and completely personalize your attendees' experience to fit your brand.  In many ways, the Spaces feature set allows you to transform the Guidebook Branded App into your Branded App.  We're giving you the keys, so let's take a spin!

How does it work?

Spaces are managed from a dashboard within Builder.  The dashboard allows you to create, edit and manage the inner workings of your Space — entirely on your own.

Managing Your Space:

  • Theme: Choose your colors
  • Details: Name your Space, upload a logo and create promotional landing page names
  • Guide Management: Attach guides to your Space.
  • Metrics: View download numbers and other metrics.

Let's build one from scratch (it's quick and easy)!


Assembling our Space only took a few minutes, so now what? 


Select the 'Submit' option to go live!


Forget something or need to make a change?  We've got you covered!  Update your Space as many times as you need to.  Let's watch a few Space edits in real time!


Spaces For App Users




Let's have fun with seasonally themed events in our Space!Year_Round_Themes.gif 


 1.  How soon will my Space go live after I click 'Submit'?

Almost instantly! As soon as you click the 'Submit' button, the changes are on their way!  They'll typically go live within a couple of minutes.

2. How frequently will the Guidebook app check for Space updates?

The app will check for updates under the following conditions:

  • Every time you switch from Space to Space.
  • Whenever a guide is opened/closed.
  • Each time the app itself is opened/closed.
  • Every 5 minutes while the app is in use.

3. As an end user, can I force the app to check for Space updates?

Certainly! Navigating between Spaces will force the app to check for an update. If you know an update for your Space has been sent, try switching over to the Guidebook Space, then back to your Space.

4. Can I preview my Space on my device?

We facilitate this by simply submitting the Space (and all subsequent edits). Space updates are sent out in real time, and we've found that this is the easiest and most fluid way to preview and manage the aesthetics of your Space.

5. How do I add a Guide to my Space?

When you publish your guide, you'll have the option to 'attach' it to a Space that you own. Attachments take effect in real time, and you can manage those attachments from the 'Guide Management' card on your Space dashboard.

6. How many guides can I attach to my Space?

As many as you'd like!

7. Can I attach a free guide to my Space?

Only guides on our paid plan levels can be attached (Plus, Premium).

8. As an end user, how many Spaces can I have on the Guidebook app?

As many as you need, there's no limit!

9. Why Spaces, and why now?

Apple has recently implemented guidelines that will drastically raise the barrier of entry for new Branded Apps in their App Store (from Jan 1, 2018 onward). In light of this, we wanted to tailer an offering for our clientele that maximized their ability to brand their mobile guides. You can read more about this decision by by viewing the blog post by our CEO here.

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