Using a Template to Set Up Preset Schedules


With Preset Schedules, you can assign sessions to your Users. When your Users log in on the app, they will see their pre-assigned agenda in their My Schedule menu item.

To learn how to create Preset Schedules manually, please click here.

In this article, we will show you how to import a special template spreadsheet to create Preset Schedules for many Users at once.

Before Getting Started

  • Make sure you have added sessions to your schedule.
  • Export your schedule from Builder to get Session IDs. (Click here for help)
  • Make sure you have invited Users to your guide. 
    • Note: When uploading the list of Users, you can choose to send the invites later. Then you can create the preset schedules and send those without a prior invitation email. This method will combine two emails (invitation to guide, and invitation to preset schedule) into one prompting them to download your guide and log in to access their Schedule.

Note: Each user can only be assigned to one preset schedule. Please see FAQ's for more details. 

Let's import!

In the Guidebook Builder, open the guide you are working on. From the guide dashboard, click on "Users and Groups".



Then click on the "Preset Schedules" tab. 



Click the "CSV/Excel Import" button. Under the "Templates" heading, download a Preset Schedule template spreadsheet.



Note: Please do not change any of the column headers in Row 1. Builder will not be able to read the data properly if these column headers have been modified.




Provide the following information in the spreadsheet:

  • Schedule Name: Only you will see this in Builder. 
  • Email: Input the email address(es) of each User who should be assigned this schedule. If you have multiple email addresses in one cell, separate each email address with a comma.
  • Session IDs: Provide the Session IDs for the sessions you want to assign here. If you have multiple Session IDs to add to a schedule, separate each Session ID with a comma.

After filling out your spreadsheet, be sure to save! Then return to the Preset Schedule Import screen in Builder.

Click "Select file" to locate the document on your computer, then upload it.


If you want Builder to publish these schedules upon upload, click the toggle button to enable "Publish when done". If you prefer to set up your Preset Schedules and then publish them out to Users yourself later, leave this toggle disabled. 

Click "Import data" and refresh the Preset Schedules page in Builder to view / edit your Preset Schedules.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

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