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With our new app home, Discover, you have more control over your Branded Multi-guide app. “Wow!” your users with a more robust first impression and a more engaging experience through your app.



The Guide Management tab in App Dashboard now organizes your guides by “Published” and “Not published”. You will also see some additional information and options:

  1. Determine Which Guides to Include In Your App
    • Per the screenshot above, simply check the checkbox under the "Include" column

  2. Review Guide Privacy

  3. Select a Guide to be Featured In Your App

  4. Create and Set Categories for Each Guide

How does this look for an end-user? Click here to see the app side!

Review Guide Privacy

This column gives you a quick, at-a-glance overview of each guide’s privacy.

Public guides will be visible in your app.

If someone tells you they can’t find a specific guide in your app, double-check the guide privacy here. If it’s private, the guide will not be visible right away. Folks will need to tap “Enter passphrase”, type in the passphrase you provide them, and then they can download that private guide.

An Invite-Only guide will only appear in your app if a user is logged in and that user are on the invited list.

If you have additional questions about guide privacy, click here to learn more. 

Select a Guide to be Featured In Your App

When you select a guide to be featured in your app, this guide will get its own full-size card on the app home screen. You can swap the featured guide out for a different guide throughout the year. We recommend using this feature to promote upcoming events and increase adoption for a specific guide.

Note: You may only set a Public guide to be Featured in your app. 


This is a great way to showcase a guide you really want your users to download right away!

Create and Set Categories for Each Guide

Categories help you organize your guides for yourself and to help your users find a specific type of guide. You can create your own category names, whether it’s the type of guide, the intended audience, or a more descriptive topic.

In App Dashboard, click “Add” to set up your categories. You can edit categories by clicking on the “Categories” drop-down for each guide.


Some potential categories include:

  • Type of Guide: “Events”, “Training Resources”, “Student Services”
  • Intended Audience: “New Hires”, “Executive Team”, “International Students”
  • Topic: “Annual Meeting”, “Policies”, “Athletics”

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager or contact us at!

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