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On your guide dashboard in Builder, you can visit the Surveys area to quickly view survey responses. However, we understand you may want to export your survey response data - especially if you have numerous responses! 

In this article, we will cover:

How to Export Survey Responses

From the guide dashboard in Builder, click on “Advanced Tools”. Then click on “Export data”.

From the page that appears, click on the name of your survey — for example, “Session Feedback (CSV)”

Note: A survey will not appear in this area until at least one response has been recorded.

Builder will email you a link to your spreadsheet.

How to Filter Data in a Spreadsheet

When you first open your exported survey spreadsheet, the responses will be sorted by Question Text. You can filter your data but another column header, however. For example, you may want to sort responses by the session they came from.

Watch this video, or download the "Exporting Responses..." attachment linked at the bottom of this article for help with sorting and/or filtering your survey responses.

How to Reformat Your Data

We understand that the way Builder presents survey data may not be the best way for you to view and manipulate your data. With this in mind, we have created a tool for an alternate format. 

Run the Excel macro (attached at the bottom of this page) on your data to reformat your data. The macro takes the survey questions/prompts and makes them the column headers. 

  1. Export your survey data.
  2. Download "Excel Macro.xlsm" from this Support article
    • Choose to enable macros
    • Screen_Shot_2017-07-03_at_12.36.35_PM.png
  3. Copy your survey data from the export
  4. Click onto cell A1, and paste your data into the macro spreadsheet.
  5. Click the "Horizontal Form" button in the macro spreadsheet
  6. The Macro will generate a new sheet in the workbook, called "Sheet 1", with your reformatted survey responses. The survey questions/prompts will now be column headers.

Questions? We're here to help. Email us at support@guidebook.com

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