Add Custom List Items: Manual Entry


It is quick and easy to add content to your custom lists in Builder. The manual process is great for lists with just a few list items or for handful of edits to existing list items.

This video will show you how to manually add list items and how to edit existing items. It will also show how to rename your list and change the menu item icon.

Manually Add a List Item

Wait! How do I add a custom list to my guide in the first place? Click here for details.

To add a list item manually, click on the list to open it. Then click the blue “New” button.


Name (REQUIRED): Enter the name of your list item.

Label/Subtitle (optional): Use this field to provide additional information complementing the name.

Location (optional): To learn all about locations, check out this Support article.

Description (optional): This field is perfect for a couple paragraphs of text.

  • Note: You can use the formatting tools or the <> HTML editor to modify formatting and input links. Click here for HTML tips.

Image (optional): Include a header image to make your list item pop! You can upload a JPG or PNG file that is 640 pixels wide and 240 pixels tall.

Thumbnail (optional): This is a great place for a logo or a picture of a speaker. You can upload a square JPG or PNG that is 240 pixels tall and 240 pixels wide.

If you would like a single list item to be on your menu instead of embedded in a Custom List, click here.


Manually Edit an Existing List Item

To edit an existing list item, just click on the name of the list item. You’ll see those List Item details that you added previously, as well as some tabs for additional tools.


Links: Use this tab to link to other sessions, list items, URLs, or PDFs. For more information on linking, please click here. Also Live Polls linked to a session will appear in this tab.

Feedback: You can link to Surveys via the Feedback tab.

Collaborate: Use this tab to invite people to edit the content of this particular item. Anyone you invite to edit a session via the Collaborate tab does not need a Builder account and will not have access to any other content in your guide! Details on the Collaborate Portal are available here.


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