Add Images to the Photo Album From Your Mobile Device


The Photo Album is a fun place to view and share pictures in the guide. The guide-building team may have enabled user uploads, meaning you can add your own images to the guide. If user uploads are disabled, you will only be able to view images here. 

How to View an Image to the Photo Album

In the app, tap on the navigation menu icon in the top left. Find and tap on the Photo Album to open it. 


You can scroll through the image here and tap on them to view them enlarged. When viewing an image, tap the menu to Share or Report an image. 


How to Add an Image to the Photo Album

Please Note: To add your own photos, to like photos, and to comment on photos, you will need to log in to your account.

After logging in, tap "Add photos" at the bottom of the Photo Album screen. You'll have the option to "Choose from gallery" or "Take a photo".


After you choose or take a photo, you will have the option to add a caption to your picture. Click "Post" to proceed.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

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    Mary Dionne

    My photos, animations,flowers are all mixed up. I can't find anything. Gallery is a mess too.

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    Gulnaar Kaur

    Hi Mary! I'm sorry to hear about the trouble. Please do email us at so we can help out. Thanks!

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