Add Schedule Sessions: Manual Entry


If you have a smaller schedule, you can manually add content in Builder one session at a time. Manual entry is a great option if you’d like to quickly make edits to a few existing sessions too.

This video walks through manually adding sessions to your schedule. It also covers editing an existing session. For written instructions, please see the sections below. Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) can be found towards the end of this article.

Manually Add a New Session

In Builder, open the guide you are working on. From the guide-building screen, click on the Schedule. Then click the blue “New session” button.  


Session Name [REQUIRED]: Provide the title of the session here.

Duration [REQUIRED]: Set the date/time when the session occurs.

  • If you would like to enter a schedule session that runs all day, select the “This session runs all day” option. If your session has a specific start and end time, input the specific times.

Location(s): Set the location where the session takes place. Click here for more information on Locations.

Track(s): Assign the session to a track to indicate the topic, audience, or any other tag you’d like to use. Click here for more information on Schedule Tracks.

Description: Use this space to include anything your users need to know about this session.

Image: Upload a 640 pixel width x 240 pixel length JPG or PNG header image to spruce up your session.


Manually Edit an Existing Session

To edit an existing session, just click on the name of the session. You’ll see these Session Details fields, plus tabs for a few additional options.


Links: Use this tab to link to other sessions, list items, URLs, or PDFs. For more information on linking, please click here. Also Live Polls linked to a session will appear in this tab.

Feedback: You can link to Surveys via the Feedback tab.

Attendance:  Here you can determine whether attendees can add the session to their "My Schedule" and you can set a limited number of available seats. For more details on managing session attendance, please click here.

Collaborate: Use this tab to invite people to edit the content of this particular item. Anyone you invite to edit a session via the Collaborate tab does not need a Builder account and will not have access to any other content in your guide! Details on the Collaborate Portal are available here.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set the date and time for a session? The date/time picker doesn’t seem to be working.

To set the date, click on “Start time” to the right of the calendar icon. This will open a calendar you can click through to find the date you need. Click on the date.


To set the time, click on “Start time” and the time field will appear. Click on the hour and use your keyboard to set the hour. Use the numbers at the top of your keyboard, or use the arrow keys (up/down) to set the hour. Then click on the minute to enter the minutes.

  • Please Note: If you have a number pad attached to your keyboard, this number pad will not work for date/time input. ***Please use the row of numbers at the top of your keyboard, above the letters.

Click on the AM/PM to adjust. Tap “a” on your keyboard for AM, or tap “p” on your keyboard for PM. You can also use your up/down arrow keys to select AM or PM here.


I have a lot of similar sessions. Can I copy & paste session data in Builder?

You can use the schedule template spreadsheet to copy & paste session date down multiple rows and make quick additions and/or edits that way. There is no copy & paste within Builder, when using manual entry. For more information on the schedule template import, please click here!


In what order will my sessions appear?

The schedule will order sessions chronologically. If there are sessions that take place at the same time on the same day, these sessions will appear in alphabetic order for that time period.


I have concurrent sessions that aren’t showing up in the right order on the app. How do I reorder the sessions the way I want?

You can use the schedule template spreadsheet to set a specific “rank” to order your concurrent sessions. Click here for more help with ranking your concurrent sessions.


If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at

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