Pro Tip: Pin Schedule Tracks to the Menu for Easy Access


The Schedule Track feature is a fantastic way to organize and segment your schedule to help your users quickly find the sessions they need. 

Your users can access Schedule Tracks from the overall Schedule view. However, we want to help you organize your content and make it really easy for users to find a Schedule Track. With this Pro Tip, you will learn how to pin a Schedule Track to the main menu.

The video covers pinning tracks to the menu as well as creating a folder to house your tracks.

How to Pin Schedule Tracks to the Menu

What You Need First: Before you can pin tracks to your menu, please make sure you have your schedule sessions set up in your guide. Then make sure you have created some Schedule Tracks.

1. In the Guidebook Builder, open the guide you're working on. 

2. Click on the Schedule module.

3. Then click on the "Tracks" tab.

4. To the right of the Track name, please click on the gear icon and select "Pin to Menu".


Click to the left side of the screen until you can see your menu again. You'll notice your tracks have appear in the menu. Feel free to click and drag your menu items to set the order you prefer. You can also click on the track pinned to the menu, visit the "Settings" tab, and change the icon if you would like.


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