Engage Your Users: Interact, Messaging, Polling, and More


Whether you are planning an event guide or creating a long-term resource, we understand how important it is for your users to engage with you, your content, and fellow users. After you promote your guide, key engagement features will keep your users coming back for more!

There are a number of features available to you specifically designed to foster user engagement:

  1. Interact: A social news feed for your users
  2. Check-in, Connect, and Chat
  3. Polling, Scavenger Hunt, and More!

We have also launched a new tool to help you measure user engagement, called Audience Insights. Click here for details!



The Interact wall provides a dynamic feed of upcoming schedule sessions, announcements, and comments & photos from fellow users. It is a powerful tool to augment networking and to extend dialogue beyond the physical walls of a room. Visit this detailed Support article for more information.



Check-in, Connect, and Chat

With the Check-in/Connect feature, users who log in and check in as a participant can view one another's profiles. If you enable Messaging, your users can privately chat in the app without having to share phone numbers, email addresses, or other personal identifying information unless they choose to do so.

Please follow these links for more details: Check-in / Connect  ;  Chat

...And More!

Here are a few more ideas to drive user engagement. We are always happy to help brainstorm a good promotional strategy and engagement tactics with you.  Don't hesitate to reach out to us at Support@guidebook.com, or contact your Account Manager.


Photo Album

If you have the Interact module enabled, be sure to also enable the Photo Album. Your users will be able to share, view, and like photos here as well. 

If you would like to add photos to your guide ahead of time, you can add images via Builder. This will encourage your users to add more photos themselves. You could even have a competition for the photo with the most likes!


Live Polls

With Live Polls, a session presenter can ask the audience a question and gather results in real-time. These results can be displayed on a screen, if you'd like. This gives your session presenter information to help structure their presentation; it encourages audience participation; and it creates opportunities for interesting dialogue among users, encouraged by the Interact & Messaging tools readily available in the palms of their hands.

For more information on setting up a Live Poll or to see how it works, click here.


Surveys for Speaker Q&A

You can set up surveys for almost anything in your guide. Most of the time, surveys are used to gather feedback after using your guide. However, the responses are available in real-time, so you can do a lot with this tool!

You can conduct speaker Q&A using our survey tool.  This article linked here walks through this Pro Tip. 


QR Code Scavenger Hunt

If you want to get your users really moving, the QR Code Scavenger Hunt is a fun option. When we create a QR game for you, you will receive a set of QR codes. Print these out and distribute them around your venue where you want your users to explore.

Users scan each code to unveil part of a word or phrase of your choosing. When users have found & scanned all of the codes to reveal the hidden word or phrase, you can instruct them to show their completed game to someone in a specific place, or you can have the users fill out a survey to record their completion. Oftentimes, users who complete the scavenger hunt are entered into a prize drawing.

To set up a QR game, please contact us with the necessary information, and we'll set up the game for you. Here are the details!


Social Media

We recognize you may already have a social media presence and rely on services like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms to engage your users. Feel free to link your guide to your existing social media tools as well! Click here to learn how to incorporate social media into your guide. 


Questions? Reach out to your Account Manager or contact Support at support@guidebook.com.


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