Pro-Tip: Manually adjust the location of Google Map 'pins'


Have you ever needed to adjust the location of a Google Map 'pin'?  We come across this issue rather frequently and we have a quick fix.  All we do in these cases, is grab the Latitude and Longitude from Google Maps, and add it to the Location in Builder. 

Here is a step by step breakdown:

  • Open up Google Maps in your browser window.
  • Find the precise location where you need the pin to drop and ‘left click’ on that location.
  • The Latitude and Longitude of that location will pop up on the bottom of the screen as soon as you ‘left click’ on that location.
  • Click on that Latitude and Longitude.
  • Navigate back to Builder and click on the Location in question (or create a new Location if necessary).
  • Under the ‘Type’ drop down, choose ‘Google Map’.
  • Write in a general address in the ‘Address’ field (I typically like to use the city).  Don't worry about being too precise here, as our latitude and longitude will override the generic address.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and you will notice spaces for Latitude and Longitude.
  • Copy/Paste both Latitude and Longitude from Google Maps over to the Location in Builder and save your changes.
  • Thats it!

*Download the attached .gif at the bottom of this article for a full video walkthrough

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