Pro Tip: Manually adjust a Google Map pin


We know that Google Maps doesn't always place the pin on a location where you might like. With this in mind, you can now click and drag the pin on your Google Map to set the location exactly.

Note: After you complete the process, the address you see in Builder will not match the address you see in the app. Be sure to test this in the app to verify! Click here for an example. 

Here is the whole process for the guide's main venue. For step by step screenshots, scroll down past this image:




How to Adjust a Google Map Pin

First, enter the Name of the location. Then, in the "Address" box above the map area, type the address for the location (or get as close as you can). 


Click and drag the pin to the specific location you would like to display.


Note: The Address you just typed in will change. That's okay!

Below the visible Google Maps box with the pin, change the "Street" field to the address you want to actually display in the guide. 



Click Save.


In Builder, you'll see the Google Maps address from the dragged pin. However, the "Street" address is what you will see in the app!  



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