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Table of contents:

1. What is Users and Groups? 

2. For Guide Builders

      A. Setting Up Restricted Access For A Guide

      B. Invited and Attending Users 

      C. Revoking Access

      D. Exporting Invited/ Attending Users

3. For Invited Users

4. Additional Info


1. What is Users and Groups? 

Users and Groups is a set of features that allows you to view signed in attendees on the Plus, Premium, and Branded plans. Additionally, on the Premium and Branded level, you can also whitelist a guide allowing only specific users have access to the guide. If you opt into whitelisting this means that only users who have been pre-approved or registered for the guide will be able to gain access. As an event organizer, this ensures that only users with approved access to your internal events, or only registered attendees, can access your guide. 

2. For Guide Builders

A. Setting up restricted access (whitelist) for a guide

To enable restricted access navigate to your guide's Users and Schedules section. In the top right, you'll notice a button to change the privacy setting for a guide. As a refresher -- whitelisting limits access to a guide ensuring that only those users who have been invited to a guide will be able to view or gain access. If enabled, your users will have to sign into the guide with the email address you invite them with. If they haven't signed into the guide they will be promoted to do so upon launching the guide and before seeing content. You are also able to revoke access if needed. 


To invite users all you need to know is First name, Last name, and email address. When you click on the "+ Invite" button (In the Users and Schedules section of the guide) you'll have the option to manually invite users individually, or import a list using template.

When importing using the template remember:

  • all fields are required
  • changing the headers (row A) will result in an error when you import
  • you can import single or multiple invitees this way
  • you can import more attendees later - just remember to start a new template



B. Invited and Attending Users 

This section displays users who have been invited to a whitelisted guide and their download status. A user can be marked as the following:

  • Invited: users who have been sent an invitation email
  • Downloaded: users who have responded to the email, have downloaded the app, and are signed in
  • Revoked: users who have access revoked. If whitelist is turned on, they cannot access the app.

Note that anonymous users are not reflected in this data.

C. Revoking Access

When whitelisting is enabled you can revoke access to any user by clicking the checkbox next to their name in the invited users list. Select as many or as little as you need to revoke access and a red button will appear letting you "revoke access". 


D. Exporting Invited/ Attending Users

In the Users and Schedules section you are also able to export a list of those who have been invited to a guide or those who are attending. Users who are attending consist of the users that checked into the attendees feature of a non whitelisted guide. Exporting is as simple as navigating to the Users and Schedules section of your guide and finding the Export to CSV button. 


3. For Invited Users

Once invited to a guide, invited users will receive an email directing them to download and access the guide. 


As an invited user you will need to sign into the app to be able to access the guide. If you have any trouble doing so the Login issues support article is a great resource. 

 4. Groups

The groups feature lets you organize your users making it simple to create preset schedules or send out push notifications for groups of people. 


5. Additional Info

  • The invitation email cannot be modified.
  • Whitelist does not function on the web version of Guidebook. If you would like your guide to be private and have attendees that will use web, you must use passphrase. Overview of Guide Privacy
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